High Definition Liposuction

Powerful. Safe. Effective.

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What is LipoSaver?

LipoSaver LS-2000 is a medical device with many years of research and experience to support its technology. The device has been specifically designed for a mini invasive body reshaping and contouring. LipoSaver allows to perform high definition liposuction targeting both small adipose pockets and big bulks.

Benefits for the doctor

LipoSaver reduces damages to tissue and bleeding for a clean operating field and for great during and post-surgery patient’s comfort.


Easy removal of big quantity of fat and small adipose pockets through customizable settings


Clusterization allow to aspirate the fat cells efficiently and rapidly, reducing fatigue of the surgeon


Treatment of fat tissue and fibrotic tissue with ease and reduced trauma


LipoSaver is a safe device thanks to the calibration and monitoring of frequency modulation of the probes. These unique features allows a constant energy emission for excellent aesthetic results

Advantages for the patient

LipoSaver is a highly reliable and safe device. Patients will benefit from the advanced technology and outstanding and long-lasting results. It will be possible to reshape the silhouette with high definition liposuction or obtain a debulking of large fat volumes to get in shape


LipoSaver can be used on the whole body to sculpt trouble areas and reduce fat deposits


LipoSaver technology is totally safe and gives predictable and certain results with a minimal invasiveness

Reduced Invasiveness

Patients will be able to get back to normal daily activities in a short time. LipoSaver high definition liposuction does not leave signs or big scars and does not have a long downtime

LipoSaver plus

The main feature of LipoSaver and its signature feature is the frequency modulation calibration according to the probe being used. The advanced software automatically calibrates the probes in order to emit consistent energy during the procedure. This feature makes the treatments fast and safe, and it is the best way to have predictable results.