LipoSaver and Argon Plasma Protocol


LipoSaver and Argon Plasma

Why should you choose LipoSaver and Argon Plasma combined protocol?

Because this protocol can guarantee the exceptional results that the surgeon is looking for, which are difficult to achieve with standard technologies available on the market. The combined use of LipoSaver and Argon Plasma has remarkable advantages such as a three-dimensional remodelling of the treated area.

LipoSaver has an effect on the adipose tissue alone, without causing any damage to surrounding tissues. Fat cells are broken into clusters under the effect of ultrasound energy, however their membrane stays intact. Clusterized fat can be easily removed afterwards through aspiration and, because the fat cells do not suffer trauma, the aspirated fat can be used for fat grafting procedures with great success.

Argon plasma has a selective effect on septa and subcutaneous tissue collagen. Plasma denatures fibroblasts and stimulates neocollagenesis. The thermal action of the plasma is controlled and selective and determines a limited damage on tissues and, consequently, guarantees great safety and a faster recovery for the patient.

LipoSaver and argon plasma protocol has unique advantages and can replace more invasive procedures, such as mini-abdominoplasty, and allows to effectively treating difficult body areas, such as arms and legs, which suffer poor tissue contraction during standard liposuction procedures.

Our combined protocol and our clinical support allow the surgeon to take advantage from a perfected technique to target fat deposit and tissue ptosis successfully. The great advantage of this combined technique is the immediately visible result, it is not necessary to wait for weeks to observe the final result.

Protocol Advantages

Reduced risk

Controlled and selective thermal damage and no skin irregularity following our protocol and clinical suggestions

Great collagen contraction

Selective denaturation of collagen in the septa and subcutaneous tissue without damage to nerves and vessels

Reduced downtime

Controlled heat determines an effective tissue coagulation and, therefore, less bleeding and oedema

Easy procedure and less fatigue

High definition liposuction with LipoSaver and Argon Plasma protocol is less tiring if compared with traditional techniques. LipoSaver has a great effect on fibrous tissue and during secondary liposuction, which are generally quite hard to treat

Immediate result

Final tissue contraction and remodelling are immediately visible at the end of the procedure. This remarkable advantage gives a high predictability and increased safety to surgeries

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